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Special Projects

     At Rust N Knot Reclaim we like to do things a little differently creative-wise at times. So this page is all about those times. Here you will find a variety of things from our Limited Edition Tribute Dressers,  one-of-a-kind and one-off builds,  unique re-purposed pieces, and seemingly impossible restorations. Most will be pieces that have been done in view of selling them when finished while others have been commissioned by clients. Each one is definitely unique, one of a kind, and would be a statement piece wherever they are placed whether in a home, cottage, or office. We will strive to keep this page up to date so you will know what has been purchased already and what is available for your purchase.

                   Limited Edition Tribute Dresser #1   SOLD

   This was our first tribute Dresser as a Limited Edition. It was done as a tribute to all of the men and women driving the trucks that keep our country moving and the store shelves well stocked, We started with a solid Art Deco-style dresser and made sure everything was 100% before we began the painting process. The finished product is our representation of a 1970s Kenworth K100 Cabover Highway tractor.

   Our goal with the Limited Edition Tributes is to complete one annually and usually around December.

Tribute Dresser detail Of Top

Tribute Dresser Wheel Detail

Tribute Dresser Side angle

Tribute Dresser Drawers Open

Limited Edition Tribute Dresser #2       Available

    The 2022 Limited Edition Tribute Dresser gives tribute to all of the little guys who fight to keep going as independent owners/operators. It is our representation of one of the most famous trucks on TV or in the movies, The Blue Mule. Blue Mule was the truck driven in the 1975 movie White Line Fever by the independent trucker, Carrol Jo Hammer. The truck was a 1974 Ford WT 9000 series highway tractor. As this is still available you will find it in our shop with a description, more photos as well as the price.

Custom Victorian Love Seat Bench    SOLD

   This beautiful Victorian Love Seat Bench was created from a mid-1800s solid walnut headboard and footboard. we purchased this from an auction of an antique store that had closed. We found out after purchasing that the side rails and the cross bars that make up the mattress base were not with it. After trying to find a set of side rails from the same time period  { so that the wood coloring would match } with no luck we knew we would not be restoring this as originally intended.

   Paul decided that the two pieces we had would make a great bench that would be very unique. With a little time, creativity and lumber this is what came out of the workshop ready for Lori's creativity to finish it off as a true one-of-a-kind loveseat. Lori, in keeping with the Victorian theme, finished the bench in a  French Country theme and colors.

   The bench was purchased in less than a week of its completion and now resides in its; new home in the Kingston area of Ontario. 

Industrial Styled Desk/Table   -   AVAILABLE

   This is a first for us. When Paul usually picks up an old treadle sewing machine he usually dismantles them so we can sell the drawers and then he will take and clean up the cast iron base, repaints them then, and sell them to other people to use for their creations.

   Since Lori had purchased a beautiful old piece of old-growth pine, a number of years ago, they decided this would be a great opportunity to use it to create this industrial-style desk.

   As this is still available you can find a full description, more pictures, and prices on the store page

" The Peaceful Lady"               Sold

  This beautiful creation started out as a very solid and well-cared-for 1920s walnut ladies' dresser featuring a uniquely shaped beveled glass mirror. This is a special project because during its creation it became personal to Lori. In the process of creating it really became the story of Lori's life at that point in time. a story of growth and transformation. A story that took nearly a year to evolve and change as it progressed toward completion. This beautiful dresser with its' story was very quickly adopted when it was finally offered for sale. 'The Peaceful Lady' is now bringing beauty and transformation to someone else's life and to a new space.

More pictures of it can be viewed in the Already Adopted Tab in the Dressers #2 gallery.

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