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At Rust N Knot we are always on the lookout for interesting, unusual and unique, or collectible home decor items. We love finding or creating those accent pieces that can become conversation pieces in any room.

Carved Moose Lamp

Carved Moose Lamp

Carved Moose Lamp

This unique lamp is truly a piece of functional and collectible art. It is truly Canadiana at its best. What is more Canadian than a moose or a carved wood lamp. These lamps are highly collectible and occasionally come up on the internet for sale at substantial prices. The lamp is the artistic craftmanship of famed Quebec woodcarver Andre Dube'

Andre was the better-known of his brothers but they all did beautiful wood carvings. It is hand carved and the shade is the original wood slat shade that came with it. Both the lamp itself and its shade are in excellent condition. The lamp dates somewhere from the early 1970s to the mid-1970s. 

Only three of these lamps have been offered for sale in the past few years. They have sold for between a low of $1300 with some damage to a high of nearly $3000 in mint condition.

We are asking only $895 CDN for this piece of Canadiana which is in excellent condition but not quite mint. A great deal for the collector of Canadiana!

Cobalt Blue Bull's Eye Oil Lamp

  This beautiful antique oil lamp is in excellent condition. Cobalt blue lamps are fairly rare and not easy to find in this pattern. It has a White Flame burner on it that is in great condition. The lamp stands 17' tall.

Asking $100

Pick up or ask for a shipping quote.

Salesman's Sample Walnut Flip Top Piecrust Table  (S0LD)

Salesman's samples were small versions of the full-size pieces that they represented. They enabled the clients to see what the actual piece would look like., accurate in all their details to the full-size versions. These were used before the advent of catalogs and sales brochures when selling to stores. Many of these did not survive after they were no longer needed as they were used as toys by the children of the salesman. This example is in excellent condition considering its age, It has a small chip out of the piecrust table edge other than that it is in near new condition.

It measures 12" across and 13" tall with the top down or 19' when the top is flipped up.

Asking $45

Pick up in Little Britain or ask for a shipping quote.

 Antique Pine Chest

This pine chest dates back to the mid to late 1800s. When we got this piece it had many layers of paint and dirt on it. After that was all stripped off we found the beauty of old-growth pine underneath. The outside has been protected with multiple coats of Minwax Polyurethane for a tough and durable finish. The interior has been given a refinishing coat of paint in a deep purple tone.


 A great accent piece that can provide needed storage space. It measures 38 inches long x 18.5 inches wide x 20.5 inches high.

Asking $275.00

P & A Amber Parlor Oil Lamp

Made by Plume & Atwood this oil lamp is in excellent original condition with the original Eagle burner. This lamp has a hob-nailed white milk glass shade that is in excellent condition. The amber-colored font is in great condition. We have used this lamp during power outages and it works well giving off a nice soft light. lamp stands 17" tall and the shade is 8" across.

Asking $55

Pick up in Little Britain or ask for a quote for shipping.

Salesman's Sample Chair

Another salesman sample we have found. This one is of a comb-back Windsor armchair. It is an exact replica of what the full-sized chair would've been. It is in great condition. At some point, someone has painted this piece but it looks like it could've been made that way. The chair measures 14.5" tall and 10.5" across the arms. Own a unique piece of history for $35.

Pick up in Little Britain or ask for a shipping quote.

Antique Brass Yacht Oil Lamp

Manufactured by Weems and Plath of Annapolis Maryland this lamp is based on the design of the Welsh Miners lamp. They are known to be the most reliable oil lamps produced as they only go out if extinguished or run out of fuel. They are also explosion-proof.  This lamp is in great original condition but has a couple of dents from many years of use and still has the original 'S' hook for hanging it. It has a great patina as it is now or can be polished back up to a nice shine. The lamp is made from solid brass of either cast or tooled brass. all of Weems and Plath lamps were given production numbers, this one being a fairly early example with a production number of only #01603. As W&P still produces this particular model all the various parts and pieces can still be purchased as replacements.

Asking $175

Pick up in little Britain or ask for a shipping quote.

Antique Red P & A Oil Lamp

Made by Plume and Atwood this is their 12-sided  font style in pebble finish and in the rare red color. The lamp is all original with the original Eagle burner and the matching chimney with the red flashing and hobnailed top. The lamp shows normal wear and aging. The lamp stands 18.5' tall. 

Asking $55

Pick up in Little Britain or ask for a quote to ship.

Pair of Amber P & A Oil Lamps

A pair of amber oil lamps by Plume and Atwood. There is one of each design of FGont that was available; a round font with a pebble finish and a 12-sided font also with a pebble finish. Both lamps are original and in great shape. They have their original Eagle burners as well as their original hobnailed top chimneys with the amber flashing. The amber flashing on the 12-sided font lamp has faded out some over the years as compared to the one on the round font lamp.  They both stand 18.5" tall.

Asking $70

Pick up in Little Britain or ask for a quote to ship.

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