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Maple 3 Drawer Dresser/ Cabinet

This beautiful 1920s dresser by Kilgour and Bros of Quebec has been lovingly brought back to life. It was in pretty sad shape when we got it. Paul has gone through it and rebuilt it,  bringing it back to like new condition. The old growth maple top, as well as the drawer fronts, were sanded back and given a light Provincial stain and then multiple coats of polyurethane protection. The drawers themselves were also sanded and given protection. Oil-rubbed bronze cup pull handles were added to the drawers. The rest of the dresser was finished in a deep Oxford blue paint with a custom-sized Harlequin design in white on the sides. A harlequin design was also added to the sides of the drawers. The original casters were cleaned .painted and reinstalled on the cabinet. A great accent piece for your home, cottage, or office.

Its measurements are: 36 inches wide x 19.5 inches deep x 28 inches high

The asking price for this lovely dresser/cabinet is $425.00.

Shipping within Canada is available. Ask for a shipping quote.

Drexel Mahogany Mid-Century Modern Buffet/Credenza

This MCM piece built by one of the top manufacturers of that time period was in good shape to start with. since the finish was tired and worn we stripped it back to the bare wood. We then decided to give it an updated look by using 2 current stain colors. The ends and center bar was stained in Minwax Island Water { a faded denim color } with the top and drawer fronts done in Briar Smoke { a sandy grey color }. This was protected with six coats of Minwax Polyurethane. The original hardware was refinished and then reinstalled.

The measurements are: 60 inches long x 21 inches deep x 32 inches high.

A unique piece for your home or office.

Asking $495.00

Cross- Canada shipping is available. Ask for your quote today.

Late 1800s Antique Dining Table

Elegant Late 1800s Antique Dining Table – Refinished!

This gorgeous wood table is either Hickory or Black Ash.

Was stripped/stained in Black Ebony and given 7 coats of polyurethane.

The rest is hand painted in Off White/Expresso detailing.

Sits on beautiful original castors.

Legs are removable for transportation.

A full set of new latches have been installed underneath to lock the table and leaves together for security and safety.

Two extensions come with this table.

The table is compact for space convenience, yet extends for extra space when needed and will look gorgeous in your space both ways.

An elegant piece of history with gorgeous wood engraved detail!


30” Height x 40” Width x 42” Length extends to 60” with both extensions. 

The asking price is $750.

Asf for a quote for delivery or for cross-Canada shipping.

Birch Dresser with Mirror

  A rare find! It Is not often you come across a piece of furniture that is made from solid birch like this dresser. The top, mirror frame, and drawer fronts have been stripped back to bare wood and then stained with Varathane's Cabarnet, and then top-coated with six coats of Minwax Polyurethane. The rest was painted in Spanish Moss, Chateau Creme, with a wash of Expresso. The original solid brass hardware was cleaned and polished back to a beautiful luster and then re-installed along with the original casters. The mirror is the original mirror to the dresser and is in excellent condition and reflects well.

  Measurements are 42 inches wide x 21 inches deep and an overall height of 73 inches.

  Asking $495.00

  We can ship across Canada. Ask for a shipping quote today.

Custom - Built Industrial-style Desk/Table

This one-of-a-kind Industrial-style desk /table will be a very unique piece for your decor. The cast iron base was salvaged from an early 1900s treadle sewing machine built by Singer. It was cleaned up and refinished in a satin black finish. The top was a board that was reclaimed from an 1850s building that was torn down. The single board that now forms the top is old-growth pine. We sanded it down and put six coats of Minwax polyurethane on it for a tough and durable finish. The beautiful color of the top is simply the color of the old-growth pine. The drawers were from another sewing machine of similar vintage. They were sanded back to the bare oak and then were stained in Provincial stain so they would match the beautiful coloring of the pine top. Their original mounting brackets were finished in the same satin black as the cast iron base was so they would nicely tie into the industrial look.

    A great decor piece that can be used as a small desk, console table, entranceway table, or coffee bar.  An excellent desk for use in a living area if you don't have a home office.                             

  Its measurements are 45 inches long x 20 inches wide x 29.5 inches high.

  Asking $395.00

Pick up in little Britain or ask for a quote for delivery or cross-Canada shipping.

Solid Maple Drop Leaf Table  (SOLD)

 Simple and elegant colonial styling. This is the perfect table for someone that has a small dining area but needs the ability to sit one to four people at a table, Made from solid maple this table has been completely refinished. The top was stripped back to the bare wood and then stained with Minwax's Ebony stain followed by six coats of Minwax polyurethane. The pedestal base was then finished in creme with a black glaze for the detail. 

 Measurements are 35.5 inches round with the leaves up and 29 inches high. Fulde the table is only 18 inches wide by 35,5 inches long.

 Asking $300,00 { table only } { Supply your own chairs or we can source at additional cost }

Pick up in little Britain or ask for a quote for delivery or shipping across Canada.

"Moody Blue"

  A great solution for storage issues in compact spaces. The compact size of this walnut 1930s Art Deco-styled chiffonier provides a lot of storage space while not taking up a lot of room. It has 3 extra deep drawers and a standard depth top drawer. The walnut top and drawer fronts were taken back to the bare wood and then given a coat of Minwax Expresso stain and protected by Minwax Polyurethane. The drawers were sanded and then protected with polyurethane as well. Harlequin detailing was then applied to the drawer sides in Dixie Belle Sawmill Gravy. The drawers all operate as they should. Our own custom mix of blue " Moody Blue"  with subtle aging courtesy of black glazing covers the dresser itself.  The original hardware was refinished and re-installed. Classic Art Deco Styling with a modern antique look!

  Measurements are 29 inches wide x 17 inches deep x 45 inches high.

  Asking $425.00

Cross-Canada shipping is available. Ask for your quote today.

"Jamming Gears"

  This is the second dresser in our annual Limited Edition Tribute Series dressers. Last year we saluted all the hard-working and driving men and women who spend their life looking through a windshield in order to keep our country supplied and moving, with a mid-1970s Kenworth K100 Cabover. This year as a salute to the independent Owner/Operator who always seems to be struggling to survive, we present the second dresser, our representation of the Blue Mule.

  The Blue Mule was a 1974 Ford WT9000 Cabover truck from the 1975 Canadian/American-made movie White Line Fever. It was a story about the struggles of an independent trucker name Carrol Jo Hammer. Today that truck is one of the most famous trucks on television or in the movies.

  To create our hand-painted version, we began with a top-quality highboy dresser from the Art Deco period. Once we had made sure everything about the dresser was 100% again and primed we began the process by refinishing the drawers both inside and out. Then the real journey began in the process of its transformation. Nearly 100 hours later the last coat of polyurethane protection was done and the dresser was re-assembled.

 It measures 34 inches wide x 19 inches deep x 50 inches high.

 A true labor of love in dedication to the unsung heroes of our highways! a great piece of art for your home that both the big your little trucker in your life will enjoy for many years.

 A true one-of-a-kind!

The asking price is $1075

Pick up in little Britain or ask for a quote for delivery or cross-Canada shipping

"Classic Beauty"

   A quality Made in Canada  Buffet/Dresser by Princeville Furniture. It was in phenomenal condition before we started on it as it was purchased out of an estate.

   We began by stripping the oak top and staining it in Minwax's Ebony followed by 6 coats of Minwax Polyurethane. The rest was handpainted in Dixie Belle French Linen, a color that is reflective of Nature. it is quiet, peaceful, and calming. Expresso glaze was used in all the detail grooves and crevices to slightly give the piece an aged appearance and to bring out all the details. The vintage black hardware has a beautiful wheat pattern that was brought out with bronze detailing.

   This lovely piece features 6 dovetailed drawers that all slide well and are in perfect condition inside. The center cabinet doors open to a storage area with a removable shelf; a perfect place to store your Board games, electronics, or your liquor bottles. It can be used almost in any room of your home for entertainment equipment or your treasures.

   Measurements are 64 inches long x 19 inches deep x 32.5 inches high.

   Buffets/Dressers are our hottest sellers currently, so this will not be long in selling.

   Asking $550.00

Pick up in Little Britain or arrange for delivery/shipping at extra cost. We ship across Canada so inquire today for a quote. 

"Ma Belle"

  The beautiful Cherry top was sanded back to the bare wood and then stained in Minwax Ebony stain giving it a rich and classy look. Multiple coats of Minwax Polyurethane were applied to the top to provide outstanding protection and durability. The body of the buffet was then artistically finished in our own custom mix of Hydrangea Blue blended with Chicago Grey and subtle black glazing.

The gorgeous brass handles were given a good cleaning and then a light polishing to bring out their full beauty before reinstalling them and really giving this classic beauty some real pizzazz. The Buffet offers lots of storage space with large cabinet areas on either end and 3 spacious center drawers.

The measurements are 60 inches long x 18 inches deep x 30 inches high.

   A statement piece in almost any room and with a variety of decor. use as an entertainment unit, as a server, as a coffee bar, or for your bedroom/bathroom.

  Elegance with excellent quality

  Asking $550.00.

We have the matching display-style hutch for this buffet which can be refinished to match the buffet at an additional cost.

Pick up in Little Britain or ask for a quote for delivery or shipping across Canada.

"Mon Cheri"   (SOLD)

    A classy and well-built Canadian-made piece by Knechtl Furniture Ltd. that has been refinished in a french country style.

   The Cherry top was sanded back to the bare wood and then given a coat of stain in Varathane's Kona followed by 6 super smooth coats of Minwax Polyurethane for great durability and many more years of service. Artistically handpainted in Graphite and a blended wash in sage with a hint of drama over the bow-fronted drawers. The French-style hardware was refinished in black with a copper over finish making them a beautiful addition to the buffet. All five of the drawers slide well and the doors open and close as they should.  


   If you need storage space this unit offers lots in its' 60 inches of length and 20 inches of depth. It stands a stately 32 inches tall.

  An excellent choice for a coffee bar, serving Buffet, entertainment unit, or even for use in a bedroom or large bathroom.

  Strong, well-built elegance for only $600.00.

  Pick up in Little Britain or ask for a quote for delivery or cross-Canada shipping.


Classic Oak Colonial Cabinet   (SOLD)


Beautiful Colonial Oak Buffet/Sideboard!

The top is sanded/stained in a beautiful Charred Black finish and protected with 5 coats of smooth Polyurethane.

Artistically handpainted in French Linen and Expresso Glaze in a beautifully aged blend.

Elegant Black hardware with bronze hues.

Features two upper drawers.

Three cabinets across the bottom.

Measurements: 48" x 17" x 32 " height

Asking $525

*Optional Matching Top (Hutch) for commissioning is available on this unit with beautiful led glass doors. This cabinet has been done in a few different colors for previous customers. 

  Pick up in Little Britain or ask for a quote for delivery or cross-Canada shipping.

 " Shades of Gray"

                                    Beautifully refinished Oak  Spanish Madera style side-by-side Armoire Dresser! 

◇Beautiful Spanish Hardware

◇5 Deep Drawers, slide well

◇Door opens to Cedar Lined Shelving

◇Mirror on the inside of the  door

Artistically handpainted in Graphite and Old White in simple rustic detailing.

The Oak top is sanded/stained in weathered Ebony Black and 5 coats of Polyurethane.

Measurements: 39" x 20" x 51.5 "

Asking $425

                                      Pick up in Little Britain or ask for a quote for delivery or cross-Canada shipping.

"All in the Family"

                                                                     Restored Antique Maple Dining Table 

   Sold by Eatons in April 1890, this beautiful table has remained in the same family for 133 years of life. When sold, it had a 'Fumed Oak' finish (fake quarter-sawn oak) which was very popular in the 1890s and early 1900s. The finish was well worn and was missing in a number of areas so it was stripped back and sanded and this beautiful solid maple appeared. Clear polyurethane was used on the top with 5 coats applied for durability. The table skirt, drawer, and legs were stained with Minwax Ebony before it was protected with polyurethane.

The original brass hardware for the drawer was cleaned and polished back to its original luster before reinstalling.

While we have gone through this table and brought it back to like new condition structurally...we tried to retain some of the 133 years of use and wear as well. If you look under the edge of the top you will see where apple peelers and grinders have been attached to it over the years.

A great piece of decor that is still functional and will bring many years of memories to a new family

Measures: 44" long x 28 " wide x 30" high. 

Asking $875

                                          Pick up in Little Britain or ask for a quote for delivery or cross-Canada shipping.

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