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Customizable Inventory

We strive to keep our project inventory listed here up to date and current, however, due to being busy or not able to get pictures of some pieces the inventory that is shown may not represent our complete stock. if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us as it may be in our inventory and not yet posted. 

Pine Armoire Dresser

Colonial Pine Armoire Dresser

This pine colonial piece is the perfect size for smaller spaces yet offers ample space to store your things. It would be a great addition to a bedroom, bathroom, or study/office, wherever you need more storage space. It has 3 spacious drawers and the space in the cupboard area has a shelf which is great for those larger or bulky items. Talk to Lori today about how this can be personalized just for you.

The measurements are 34 inches wide x 18 inches deep x 54 inches high.

Cherry Buffet/Sideboard

 Antique Cherry Buffet /Sideboard

Have you been wanting an antique Buffet/Sideboard but haven't been able to find one to fit your limited space? This is the one you have been looking for. It measures only 56 inches in length; the smallest we've come across in this style of buffet. The rest of its measurements are 20 inches in depth and 36 inches high. It is ready to be updated and to be adopted into your cottage, business, or home.

Walnut Buffet/Sideboard

1920s Walnut Buffet/Sideboard

This walnut buffet/sideboard is looking to be adopted and given a fresh new look. It would make an excellent addition to your dining room or kitchen. Many of our clients purchase these to put their flatscreen TVs on. The solid walnut top would be beautiful if it was stripped and restained with the rest done in a paint treatment. It offers lots of storage space. 

Its measurements are  66 inches long x 21 inches deep x 39 inches high.

Ornate Table

This unique table will be very beautiful when refinished. As you see in the pictures the table has beautiful veneer work on the top and a very unique leg assembly on the bottom with Roman column-style legs with wrought iron metal supports for the legs. The table is well built and has a substantial weight to it. It does not have a set of chairs with it nor does it come with a leaf to extend the length.

The top has had a small area sanded off, in order to determine the types of woods that were used for the veneer. Birds Eye Maple was used for the squares and cherry  ( or possibly Walnut ) was used for the division bars and around the edges. The table top would be stunning if it was stripped and refinished in natural, and a paint treatment done to the rest of the table.

The table measures 85 inches long x 49 inches wide x 32 inches high.

Oak Cabinet

Early 1900s Oak Display Cabinet

    This solid oak china/display cabinet came out of a local estate auction. It was purchased with the matching buffet, which has since been sold and refinished to the client's specifications. This piece is waiting for its new family as well as its new updated look.

  Its measurements are 36 inches wide x 16 inches deep x 67 inches tall.

Pump Organ

Late 1800s Pump Organ

This beautiful old pump organ was manufactured by The Goderich Organ Company in the late 1800s. The original manufacturer's paper is still fastened to the back of it, which contains the model number, unit number as well as the exact date of manufacture. In the picture, it is missing the two mounts for oil lamps, which we do have. The 2 oil lamp brackets, one per side, are mounted near the top. The organ still plays however it does need some repair.. It would be a very beautiful piece repaired and refinished as these are becoming quite rare and hard to find. 

We bought this with the thought that it could be repurposed into a very unique bar or liquor cabinet or a one-of-a-kind desk/ computer station. Its measurements are 54 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 54 inches tall.

Walnut Sideboard

1920s Oak Jacobean Sideboard / Buffet

This solid oak sideboard/buffet is an excellent example of the Jacobean style. It provides a good amount of room for storage in its 2 center drawers, the full-length lower drawer, and the cupboard at each end. Talk to us today about how this lovely piece can be turned into a gorgeous statement piece for whatever room you place it in.

It measures 60 inches long x 20.5 inches deep x 36 inches high 

Oak Dresser with Mirror

1900-1930s Oak Dresser and Mirror

A little more unusual in style and size this dresser can be used in a variety of locations in a home. It will be a great piece for a bedroom or a dressing room but also a beautiful piece for a grand entranceway/ foyer in a house due to its compact size, great storage, and the mirror to check oneself in, before going out the door.  The original beveled mirror is still with this dresser and is in great condition considering its age.

Truly it will be a statement piece wherever it is placed when refinished, whether in a complete paint treatment, paint/stain combination, or fully stripped and restained. The measurements are 44 inches wide x 22 inches deep x 26 inches high but with the mirror, the total height is 76 inches.

1920s Walnut Chest on Chest

1920s Walnut Chest on Chest Dresser

This dresser is in great condition for its age. The veneer is in good condition as well as all of the accent moldings and hardware. It would be a great piece to restore back to its original beauty but would also look great in a paint stain combo or paint or paint with a transfer decoration. 

The dresser is in such great condition we actually have it in our own home.

Measurements are 38 inches wide x 20 inches deep x 52 inches high

Inquire about this great piece today. 

1970s Vintage Drum Style occasional Tables

1970s Drum Style Occasional Tables

We have a pair of these, increasingly hard-to-find, tables available. They are in excellent condition as they came out of an estate sale. Both tables have the original wire mesh in both doors. Talk to us today about how they can be designed to fit your decor.

They both measure 26 inches in Diameter x 22 inches high

Early 1900s Sheridan China Cabinet

Finding an early Sheridan china cabinet, today is a rare occurrence. However, finding one in excellent original condition is nearly impossible. It was purchased from the original owner's great-grandchildren. It is currently sitting in Paul,s office, looking beautiful with just a little bit of polish and elbow grease.

We are enjoying this piece ourselves but for the right money, we could be encouraged to let this rare beauty go to a new home.

measurements are 48 inches wide x 20 inches deep x 74 inches high.

1940s Walnut Buffet/Hutch by Knechtl Furniture Co.

1940s Walnut Buffet/Hutch By Knechtl

This two-piece Federal-style buffet/hutch is a solid start for a project. It is a Canadian-made piece by Knechtl Furniture company. The hutch is separate from the buffet and we will sell just the buffet if that is what you would like. The top has two solid wood shelves while the buffet has a full-length drawer and 3 doors with a shelf.

The measurements are: 

Buffet is 48" long x 18" deep x 35" high

The Hutch top is 46" long x 13.5' deep x 37" high

Will separate the top  and buffet

Talk to us today about refinishing this classically designed piece to your specifications.

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