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Already Adopted Pieces

  This section is our gallery of finished and sold pieces. It is here so you can look and see what we are capable of doing, or get some ideas for a piece you are wanting to get updated and reloved. 

  The first part of this page will feature individual pieces with descriptions, pieces that we have redone or updated.

Original pieces that have been brought into pristine condition and then sold,

Pieces that have needed a relatively straightforward cosmic restoration before they were ready for their new homes. 

Other pieces will be examples of pieces that needed both a cosmic and structural restoration,  

 Yet other pieces are blends of several aspects;  original, restored, and updated looks.

Following this, there will be galleries that are comprised of many pictures without descriptions of similar types of furniture.

Bench with storage from a dresser

The Paris Bench

We called this one the Paris bench because of the Paris-themed material used for the seat cushion and the liners for the baskets.  This piece began life as a solid pine Colonial-style dresser that had seen better days. Paul took and cut the dresser down to create a bench area that he finished. off with pine tongue and groove bead board wainscot. The remaining drawers were removed and shelves were created for the storage baskets

At this point, Lori came into the picture and painted the bench in an expresso color with antique white. A crackle finish was applied on different areas with some distressing of the paint, She then created the seat cushion along with the matching fabric basket liners. A dresser that was destined for the landfill got a new purpose and lease on life. The original purchaser told us that the bench was a favorite place to seat and read or to listen to music.

Georgian Chests Cedar Lined Blanket Box

This Georgian Chests blanket box was in pretty rough condition when we got it. The walnut veneer was all loose and coming off off the sides and pieces were actually missing. The veneer was removed from the sides and they were prepped to receive paint. The rest of the veneer was stripped and protected with Varathane polyurethane.

Lori then took over and finished the rest of the surfaces using an old white color.  A crackle finish was applied to the sides with light distressing and glazing. This is now gracing the upper landing in our clients house and being used to store extra linens and towels for guests

Walnut Vanity style Dresser

Original 1920s - 30s Walnut Vanity Dresser

   This beautiful walnut vanity dresser was in great original condition when we purchased it from the estate of its original owner. the condition was such that all it needed was a thorough cleaning and a good polishing to bring it back to pristine condition. Our client who purchased this had just returned to Canada from Great Britain and was beginning to furnish their home with antiques. This piece is sure to bring them many years of enjoyment.

Quarter Sawn Oak Chiffonier

Quarter Swan Oak Chiffonier

  While this Chiffonier was in great shape structurally, it was seriously lacking in the looks department, The original finish and stain were stripped off the beautiful oak. In preparation for the new stain and polyurethane finish, the wood was given a thorough sanding. The new stain was color matched as close to the original stain color with 5 coats of oil-based polyurethane for a durable protective finish. The original solid brass hardware was cleaned, polished, and re-installed back on the dresser.

The beauty of this fully restored quarter-sawn oak Chiffonier is now being enjoyed in its new home

Restored Maple Washstand

 Krug Brothers Furniture  Maple Washstand

  Another example of the restoration work we do here at Rust N Knot. This washstand was in good shape when we purchased it but was definitely showing it's nearly 100 years of age. When Paul began working on this he discovered that not only was it a Krug Brothers piece but the markings on the back said it had been built for their furniture showroom. Structurally it was perfect but the finish was well worn. Once the old finish was removed the original stain was freshened with a new coat of the original dark walnut color. An oil-based polyurethane was used as a top coat in order to provide tough protection for another 100 years of use.  

 Our client was excited to have found this piece to add to the decor of her home.

1890 Primary Grade Student Desk

Primary Grade Desk By The School Furniture Co.

  These Student desks are quite rare and hard to find now. The School Furniture Co. of Galt  Ontario produced some of the most ornate school desks of their time. Their primary desks also had the ability to adjust to the different height requirements of grade 1 through grade 4 students. This 1890 desk was completely disassembled; the cast iron pieces had many years of dirt and rust removed and then refinished in semi-gloss black paint. The beautiful maple desktop, bookshelf, seatback, and seat were sanded ( preserving some of the interesting additions made by students over the years ) and refinished with a light stain protected with an oil-based polyurethane top coat. It is now being enjoyed as a unique and unusual piece of home decor.

1880s Carpenters Box

Rare Large 1880s Carpenters Chest

While Carpenters' chests are not rare themselves, it is rare to find one this old and as large as this one, Considering that it is 140 * years old it was in relatively great condition when we purchased it. Paul went over it and made the necessary structural repairs and made the trim along the bottom that was mostly missing. Each side, the bottom as well as the top are comprised of a single pine board. The many years of grime were removed and the top was sanded to reveal the beautiful color and grain of the old-growth pine board. A picture of a Harley Davidson Fatboy was added to the top to give a little more interest. The sides with the original paint mostly intact were preserved with polyurethane top coat protection. The interior was cleaned, sanded, and protected to provide great storage space. It is now being enjoyed by its new family.

 Re-Loved Long Dressers

 Re-Loved Antique Sideboards / Buffets

Maple Sideboard

Maple Sideboard

Antique Oak Sideboard

Detail of Antique Oak Sideboard

Re-Loved Tall/High Boy Dressers

Highboy with Matching Night Table

Detail of Highboy

Armoire Style Dresser

Closeup of Armoire Style Dresser

Restored Oak Chest on Chest

Chest on Chest Detail

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Re-loved High-Boy and Long Dressers & Buffets

Cherry Gibbard Buffet

Cherry Gibbard Buffet

French Provincial Buffet

Detail of French Provincial Buffet


Walnut Art Deco Desk

Walnut Art Deco Desk

Miscellaneous Furniture Pieces

Wall Decor from Cabinet Doors

Wall Decor from Cabinets Doors

Dressing Vanities

Vanity/Dressing Table with Full Length Mirror

Vanity/Dressing Table w/Full Length Mirror

Closeup of Table w/Stool

Detail of Dressing Vanity

China Cabinets

1900s China Cabinet

1900s China Cabinet

China/Display Cabinet

European China Cabinet

European China Cabinet

Detail of European China Cabinet

Detail Of European China Cabinet

Buffets and Hutches

Maple Buffet/Plate Dresser

Maple Buffet/Plate Dresser

French Provincial Buffet/Hutch

Detail of French Provincial Buffet/Hutch


MCM Long Dresser

Display Cabinets

Dressers #2

'Miss Peaceful' 1920s Walnut Ladies Dresser

1920s Walnut Ladies Dresser

1920s Walnut Ladies Dresser

1920s Walnut Ladies Dresser

1920s Armoire dresser

!920s Armoire Dresser

Detail 1920s Armoire Dresser

Detail 1920s Armoire Dresser


Asian Oak Colonial

Asian Oak Colonial

Complete Bedroom Set Spanish Madeira Style

Madeira Side Table

Madeira Long Dresser w/Mirrors

Detail of Long Dresser

Detail of Mirrors

Table and Chair Sets

Asian Oak Traditional styled table

Traditional Styled Asian Oak T w/Chairsable

Closeup of Chair

Detail of Chair and Table Top