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Re-loving the Past to Create Memories for Tomorrow

Welcome To Rust N Knot Reclaim

  At Rust N Knot Reclaim we love to artistically create one-of-kind statement pieces of functional art for your business, cottage, home, or office. Whether the item is cherished because of its long family history or has been found discarded because it is no longer needed, useful, or needs repair, we will upcycle each one back to a place where it can be loved, cherished, and enjoyed once again. While our focus is mainly on furniture and household items, we also work with items that are of agricultural and automotive origins, either returning them back to their original purposes or creating unique decor pieces for the home. 

  Whether the piece may simply need a screw or two, a good cleaning and polish, or needing a fresh makeover, we can do it here at Rust N Knot Reclaim. We are also equipped and have the experience to handle those pieces that need a major rebuild or a full repurposing. Our inventory includes items that are ready to purchase and place in your home or business. We also have a good 'raw' inventory of items that need to go through the process of being re-loved, restored, or repurposed. You can purchase these items and we will take your dreams for that piece and turn them into reality, individually designing it to become a beautiful one-of-a-kind statement piece.

  At Rust N Knot Reclaim we also repurpose many items for new uses. Headboards/footboards are turned into unique benches for use in a variety of places from the living room, and front entrance, to the porch, or garden. Long dressers are converted into storage/benches that are great for entranceways and family rooms. Some have become favorite places to read, work on the laptop, or chat on the phone. Treadle sewing machine bases are turned into small desks or accent tables. Antique horse Whipple trees become hanging lights that are conversation pieces. Old car parts become unique decor pieces for the home, office, or man/woman cave. 

  Many of the pieces we deal with are antiques from the early 19th to the mid-20th century but we also carry and re-love items that are vintage and collectible. Rust N Knot Reclaim's inventory includes large pieces of furniture right down to small items of decor as well as collectibles. 

  Rust N Knot Reclaim is where the craftsmanship and quality of the past are brought into the present to be enjoyed in the future through restoration, reloving, or repurposing. 

Rust N Knot Reclaim re-loving the past to create memories for tomorrow. 

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 We Do Custom Work 

 We love partnering with our clients to create Designer Statement Pieces with one-of-a-kind detailing. A charming character is created by using what was once considered a flaw and turning it into a mark of beauty.

Let us help turn that battered family heirloom into a beautiful item that can be cherished by you and your family for many years to come.

Refinishing Products 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Dixie Belle Paints

Minwax Products

Varathane Products 

Circa1850 Products

Design & Decor


ReDesign By Prima

Mint By Michele

Wood U Bend Moldings

      Items you own or looking for?

Whole bedroom/ dining room

outfits, etc

Mix n match/individual pieces

Good selection of raw inventory

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Furniture for small pets?

Paint Techniques

Shabby Chic

Farmhouse Rustic 

Modern Antique

Contemporary Single Color 

Paint/Stain Combination


Strip and  Sand

Structural Repair

Veneer Repair 

Veneer Replacement

Stain and Varnish


Your ideas or ours only limited by the imagination and budget

Try Our Products and Services 

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