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A Little About Who We Are

  Rust N Knot Reclaim is a husband and wife team based in the  Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. They both have a passion for making the old and worn beautiful again. Their strong skill sets and artistic abilities complement and at times even overlap. Paul and Lori believe that the craftsmanship of the past should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. Whether the piece is restored back to its former glory or given a modern makeover; the goal is to re-love the past and create memories for the future. They believe reclaiming the past, whether that is 30 years ago or 150 years ago, not only helps to preserve it but also protects our world for future generations.

​Lori Francis - Artist / Cr​eative Designer

       Lori grew up in a rugged atmosphere at home, learning a variety of skills and abilities while helping in various family business endeavors, from chinchilla farming, building a customer base and their own delivery service, buying and flipping homes and /or renting as landlords of a triplex and several single-family homes. She learned a deep appreciation for both hand and power tools and developed good craftsmanship. Lori learned the deep personal satisfaction that comes with creating something beautiful and a job done well. She also began to understand that dreams come true when you combine hard work with time, patience, and perseverance.

An early marriage, beginning a family, and along with life in general, caused some of Lori's dreams to be put on hold for quite some time. However, some dreams just refuse to die. The children grew and most had left home for their own pursuits in life. Lori's creative and artistic side ached for an outlet that was only partially satisfied through the redesigning, and renovation of her kitchen and the interior of her own home (after gutting and major reconstruction). Lori's creativity was somewhat satisfied through this but still yearned for a greater outlet.

About this time Lori and Paul met at a local church. They got to know each and became friends over the next few years. At this time Paul was still involved with residential contracting. Paul's big heart and his large skill set led him to help Lori with some drywall and finishing work so she could finish off her home. While mudding and sanding drywall together they realized that they were destined to walk through life together, partnering together in love for all that life would bring to them. Paul saw Lori's passion and creativity for taking old things and making them beautiful again. It was time for some of Lori's dreams to become a reality. With Paul's encouragement, Lori began taking some of her own worn furniture and making it beautiful again.

Very soon they were off to the local Restore to find a couple of pieces of furniture that Lori could re-love and see if anyone would like her artistic vision and expression well enough to buy her finished pieces. Needless to say, people loved what she did and Lori's dream started to become the reality that is now Rust N Knot Reclaim. Lori's creativity is still expanding and growing as she loves letting the piece of furniture speak to her and trying out new ideas, styles, and techniques in order to create one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art for her clients.

When Lori has not got a paintbrush in her hand she enjoys reading, listening to music, and being creative in the kitchen. She also enjoys the outdoors. Her greatest pleasure though is spending quality time with her husband Paul.

Paul Francis  - Cr​aftsman / Picker /Part-time Artist​​​

    Paul grew up enjoying and appreciating country life and all that goes with it. Both of his parents had grown up in a  post-depression era, post-World War 2 farm background. They both instilled into Paul from a very young age the value of hard work as well as valuing and taking care of one's possessions. From a very young age, Paul was taught how to generally maintain, take apart and repair many different things. When something was beyond repairing, Paul learned that you just did not dispose of the item but you took what was still useable from it and used it to repair another piece or found a way to repurpose it into something else entirely different." Waste not, Want not " was definitely part of his life while growing up. This upbringing helped to give  Paul a deep appreciation for his own roots and history as well as for history in general.

   Much of Paul's working life has been in trades that involved the use of his hands. He learned the skills necessary to take broken, damaged, worn items and not just repair and make them useful again but many times he would make them into things of great beauty. The skills that Paul has today were learned in the building industry through the design and construction of new residences, additions to existing residences as well as the restoration and preservation of historic homes and buildings. Beyond the construction industry, Paul was also involved in the automotive industry for over 20 years. He ran his own successful automotive restoration business but also worked for other shops involved in the same kind of work. 

   Paul's eye for detail was developed during this period of his life. Many of the cars and trucks that he had restored or customized for clients were regulars at cruise nights, and winners at  local, national as well as international car shows.  Some of the vehicles ended up in international automotive magazines and hardcover books. Paul was even involved behind the scenes of a syndicated automotive show on TV.

    That eye for detail as well as the vast repertoire of skills he has collected over the years from the different trades is now being brought to the field of furniture and home decor by Paul. That great passion of his for taking the old and not-so-pretty ( at times downright ugly ) things and working a little of his " magic "  on them to not only make them useful but unique and beautiful additions to your home or office.

    A man of many interests and passions, Paul is never bored or short of things to do in his free time. Paul is an avid reader of all genres of literature. Names like Cussler, Patterson, and Sandiford round his love of fiction.  You will find anything from quantum physics and string theory, autobiographies, biographies, business/sales, cooking/ health, religious/ Christian living, technical, and history will be found on his booklist and reading table. He also has a passion for collecting various things ranging from oil lamps and automotive / agricultural-related items to antique books along with other types of collectibles. Paul also enjoys spending time out of doors. Most of all Paul enjoys spending time with the love of his life, Lori

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